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ADT Monitored Home Security Alarm Systems 

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ADT Monitored Security Services and Wireless Home Alarm Monitoring Centers help protect your family and your cherished items, 365 days per year, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Through a comprehensive technology network of five interconnected monitoring centers located throughout the U.S. ADT Monitored Security Servces has a strong commitment to our customers' safety and security.

ADT Offers Comprehensive Home Security Alarm System Solution Services Across The United States.

Amazingly Quick Security Alarm Response - When an ADT monitored alarm system is set off, ADT immediately receives an alert and contacts your local authorities.  Thus enabling local authorities to respond to any emergency at your home

Easy to Operate Security Alarm Systems - ADT monitored Home Security Alarm System Solution systems are easy for all members of the family to understand and operate.  Using the keychain remote you can activate or deactivate your system with the touch of a button.

Surprisingly Low Security Monitoring Fees - ADT monitoring is the most cost effective and may even save you 20% on your homeowner’s insurance.

24X7 Hour Alarm Monitoring - Know your home and valuables are safe from burglary, fire, and any other threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Why Home Alarm Systems Are So Necessary

In a number of the cities around the world, crime rates have never been higher; and it is not solely cities that are afflicted by crime - even people living in rural areas can be affected. However, there are now a number of technologies available, many of which are relatively inexpensive, to help to secure one's home. Home alarm systems are amongst the most fundamental security devices available.

The "traditional" alarm system, which in a very basic form was actually invented around the year 1850, consists of a number of sensors and a unit for making a loud noise. Of course the 1850's version was comparatively easy to circumvent, whilst modern units feature tamper-proof control boxes. The theory behind the system, however, remains similar: If any of the sensors is tripped, the noise will sound until an authorized person can deactivate it.

These systems are such a fundamental security device, that it is uncommon for a property (at least in the western world) to be without one. However, when it comes to security systems, they are at the low-end of the spectrum. It is increasingly common for higher-end systems to connect to a control center, via a telephone line or the internet. The control center's automated systems will alert its staff if a sensor is tripped; the staff can verify this (as much as is possible) and then decide whether to contact the police or the homeowner.

These types of systems are often priced similarly to standard units. However, for the control center monitoring service, a monthly subscription fee will also be levied. However, for many people, the added protection they offer is worth the relatively modest monthly fee.

CCTV cameras are mainly seen on business properties, such as office blocks or retail stores. However, more people are now choosing to place them on residential properties. As they are rarely seen on houses, they can act as an effective deterrent to crime - after all, why would a criminal break into a house with a camera when there are hundreds of others without cameras? More expensive devices can link to alarms or motion sensors, which means they can be set to only activate if needed.

Internet-enabled devices are also becoming increasingly common. This means that both alarms and cameras can be connected to the net, ready for the homeowner to check their status remotely, through a secure website.

If a security alarm system is Internet enabled, it is only a small extra step for the manufacturer to also make smart phones apps or similar; in fact many companies are now doing just that. These applications allow the alarm status to be read and video feeds or still images viewed etc.

Whilst all of this can help protect one's property, and it can certainly help a person feel more secure (which is an important part of owning one's own home), it is important to also remember the basics. Use suitably secure glass in the windows and tough locks on the doors, and always ensure any locks that are available are used every time the house is left unattended.

The number of security devices now available on the market allows ordinary people to lock down their property in extremely secure ways. However, it is important to strike a balance between having a secure home and having a comfortable home. Most people are happy using standard home alarm systems and simply following basic security principals.

Home Security Alarms

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