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Having an Electrician Install Your Home Security System is Very Important

If you are not a qualified electrician it may actually be illegal for you to install a home security system. It depends whether you are using wireless home security systems or hardwired ones. Wireless systems require very little in the way of knowledge – apart from being able to read a set of instructions and not fall off a stool – so if you have opted for a wireless DIY system don’t worry. If, however, you’ve gone for the full monitored home security companies hardwiring package: leave everything to the professionals.

Even if you haven’t gone for a full monitored system (though you probably should if you are already spending the money on the hardwired version of your system) you may find it inadvisable to attempt a system installation yourself. Ask yourself a few basic questions before you start out and your answers should determine whether you use an electrician or try and do it yourself:

Do you know the correct building codes and regulations pertaining to installing hard wired home security systems in your area? If your answer is no you need the help of a professional electrician. You can’t install anything into the wiring of a home without the correct qualifications and permissions so don’t jump the gun.

Have you ever designed an alarm system before? Hard wired home security systems work best when they have been designed to be easily controlled from a convenient central point; when all the different areas defined by the system have had separate circuits created for them, which will work either all together or in any combination chosen by the end user; and which will not overload any part of your house’s electrical circuit. There would be no point in installing a system that tripped out all the fuses whenever it was activated.

When you use home security companies to install your home security systems for you, they’ll send experience, qualified engineers who will be able to design a system for you and wire it in without transgressing any codes or causing any unexpected overloads. Also, of course, home security companies can’t hook you up to their own central monitoring stations unless they perform the installation themselves.

In the case of a home security system that has been purchased from a company offering monitoring services; you may actually find that a DIY installation voids the warranty of the system. If you have a voided system installed in your home and you do have the misfortune to get burgled, you will not be able to make a successful claim on your home insurance policy.

Ultimately what we are talking about here is peace of mind. It might be cheaper to install your own home security system – but unless you really know what you are doing then all the money you paid for it could equally go to waste Stick o home security companies and professionally qualified electricians and you have nothing to worry about.